360° Rotatable Cleaning Mops Adjustable Multifunctional Sunflower Chenille Magic Mop Head Microfiber Dust Mops Window Cleaning


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Material: Microfiber, Coral Fleece, Plastic And Stainless Steel
Size: Total Length: About 200cm

[Detachable Rods & Reusable Microfiber Mop Pads] This cleaning mop has 4 sections removable handles. The total length of the 4 section rod is about 200cm, fully spliced to meet the length of your different cleaning places, you can also disassemble the connecting rod according to the actual use of the demand. In addition, it also comes with extra reusable replaceable mop cloth heads, so that you can clean different places or replace the cleaning, ensuring a longer life.

[Freely Extendable Handles] This cleaning mop has a freely removable handle for cleaning dust from high places such as ceilings or wall corners. The multi adjustable handle rod design can easily cope with different scenarios, they can be used to mop the floor, wash the car, wipe the glass, etc.

[Easy To Clean & Wet and Dry Dual Use] The soft, ultra-absorbent microfiber mop head that absorbs dirt and dust effectively. It can be used to remove dust and stains for cleaning and sweeping, and can quickly remove electrostatic adsorption of dust and lint, easily absorbing dust without losing hair. It can also be used with detergent together, easy to remove the floor dirt.

[High Quality Materials] This round mop is made of high quality microfiber, coral fleece, plastic and stainless steel. The high quality coral fleece mop head is thick and soft, with super absorbent and cleaning ability, not easy to lose hair and fade, long lasting and durable.

[Multifunctional Use] In addition to being used as a daily floor and ceiling cleaning tool, this mop can also be used to clean bathtubs, toilet surfaces and backs, mirrors, glass, tile walls, cabinet bottoms, wash cars, wipe windows and more, bringing more portability to your life.

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